40 years ago, Mustafa bin Peer Mohamad left his hometown; Chennai, India and came to Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur to do what he does best; cendol & rojak. His goal was to give his family back in India a better living.

He started out on his pedal-powered trike and moving along Jalan Besar, Kuantan every single day to serve locals with his mouth-watering cendol & rojak. Within a short period Mustafa & his lucky trike became well-known to the community there; the busiest commercial area in Kuantan; those days and from there he's been called...Mustafa Cendol.

After 5 years of cycling, he moved to Kuantan Garden's T-junction and set up a very small stall with a couple of stools. People from all over Kuantan came to his stall to taste his delicious cendol & rojak; especially during hot-sunny days.

25 years in the business and after serving thousands and thousands of cendol & rojak, Mustafa Cendol once again moved but this time to a much better place to ensure his loyal customers satisfaction; just about 300m away from his old one.

This time, Peer Mohamed bin S. Kuppupitchai, his beloved nephew & his 2 grand-sons, Ahamed Nizar and Mujibur Rahuman have been asked to take care of Mustafa Cendol as Mustafa wanted to spend more time with his grandkids after 30 long years living far away from home. Though he's no longer serving to his cendol and rojak lovers, Peer Mohamed, Nizar & Rahuman will continue his legacy and to keep Mustafa Cendol alive for another 40 years...
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